Hidden Valley® Ranch 12 oz. Dipped Pizza Sauce

Hidden Valley® Ranch Blasted Creamy Dipping Sauce in Ranch-Dipped-Pizza™ flavor is made with the Pizza + Ranch combination you love in a dipping sauce. Perfect for pairing with everything from crudités to chicken wings, the squeeze packaging is ideal for drizzling over tacos, casseroles and pizza crust or dunking your favorite salty snack. This gluten-free dipping sauce has a thick and creamy texture with a flavor explosion that will enhance any dish. Kick up pizza or pasta night with this creamy sauce or enjoy with fries, chicken nuggets, bread, crackers, and even chips for dipping and more. The convenient squeeze bottle makes it easy to transport on the go for an elevated out of home eating experience. Spice up your dinner or add something special to your appetizer spread with Hidden Valley® Ranch Blasted Creamy Dipping Sauces ~ the dipping possibilities are endless.


$3.49$9.99 Plus Tax