Customers Are Saying

  • "THE BEST DRESSING EVER! I made a tomato and cucumber salad last night and decided to try the Hidden Valley Simply Ranch Cucumber Basil dressing. It is the best and Simply delicious!"

    -pat28Magnolia, TX

  • "So happy Hidden Valley came out with a natural Ranch. I eat really healthy, buy a lot of local/organic, and do my best to live green... but I can't not cover everything in Ranch. If I'm going to slather every square inch of salad in ranch anyway, it's nice to have the option of choosing a more natural option that isn't at odds with the rest of the way I choose to eat."

    -JamieJWilmington, NC

  • "I’ve finally found my new go-to classic ranch. It hits all of the notes you’re looking for in you salad dressing or dipping sauce. Creamy–but not too creamy, flavorful–but not too strong. New staple product in my house."


  • "How is this Simple? It's glorious. It's Ranch and Cucumber and Basil. It makes Iceberg taste like it deserves to be a salad. It's a spa day for carrots. Seriously, it's super delicious. I was obsessed with the original, and I might just have a new favorite."

    -JamieJWilmington, NC

In Four Mouthwatering Flavors

Hidden Valley® Simply Ranch Classic Ranch
Simply Ranch

Classic Ranch

Close-to-homemade ranch is more than enough with honestly good ingredients like real garlic, buttermilk, and herbs, without any artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

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Hidden Valley® Simply Ranch Chili Lime
Simply Ranch

Chili Lime

How did we live before Chili Lime Ranch? Ancho and cayenne peppers make a bold blend with lime and buttermilk, minus any artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

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Hidden Valley® Simply Ranch Cucumber Basil
Simply Ranch

Cucumber Basil

Up for something unexpected? Try this smooth combo of mild cucumber and sweet basil that packs flavor with no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

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Made from our Favorite Ingredients

  • Aromatic herbs complete Simply Ranch, adding some serious flavor to this mean blend of nom-nom.

  • Garlic gives that extra wink in every recipe. It’s the latest way to ranch out with Simply Ranch.

  • Pure, creamy buttermilk is the base of our recipe, giving Simply Ranch that extra hint of “yes, please.”

  • Cucumber makes a special appearance in our Simply Ranch recipe, bringing some cool to smooth and creamy.

  • First a subtle peppery flavor, then sweet and aromatic—basil adds a tasty bit of complexity to Simply Ranch.

  • Chili spices things up for Simply Ranch, with just the right amount of kick that keeps ‘em coming back.

  • Tart and full of zest, lime is the life of the Simply Ranch party.