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Ranch as a Seasoning

More ways to love Hidden Valley® Ranch

When your meal, snack or dip calls for more wow factor—reach for ranch as a 
seasoning. Packed with an absurdly delicious blend of herbs and spices, our ranch 
seasoning mixes bring big flavor to foods of all persuasions.

Popcorn. Pork chops. Onion dip. Give them the ranch treatment, three different ways.

Seasoning Shaker

Seasoning Shaker

Move over salt and pepper, the ranch shaker has claimed your place in the pantry. Just shake, shake, shake it on to shower your snacks and recipes with yummy herbs and spices.

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Simply Dinners™ Breading Prep Kits

Simply Dinners™ Breading Prep Kits

Each handy kit comes with two easy-cleanup trays, plus a delicious 
panko + ranch seasoning combo. Just dip, coat, bake for a super-cinch weekday 
dinner with no artificial junk (meaning, no artificial preservatives or flavors).

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Wanna shake things up with

Simply Dinners?


Coat your protein in Hidden Valley 
Ranch dressing instead of eggs.

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Seasoning Mix Packets

Seasoning Mix Packets

Welcome to every recipe’s key ingredient. These small but mighty ranch seasoning mix and dips mix packets let you add big flavor into any dish, whether you’re making a main, side or dip.

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