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Peace. Love. Ranch.


Good enough just isn’t good enough anymore. Tonight, you want to shake things up a bit. Make tonight a Hidden Valley Ranch Night!™ We’ll help you amp up the flavor, freshen up old favorites and get excited to put more WOW! into your weeknight meals.


GRILLED RANCH CORN! Grilled in the husk, shucked and bathed in Ranch seasoning & butter. These will get gnawed to the nub. Make tonight a Ranch Night!

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Video Recipe

Grilled or Oven Roasted Ranch Corn on the Cob

Quite possibly the easiest way to prepare corn — no preheating the grill, no peeling stringy cornsilk before it’s cooked (at which point it’ll slide right off) and you’ll still get a little bit of that same caramelized char on the exterior. The secret weapon for our Grilled or Oven Roasted Ranch Corn on the Cob recipe is the melted ranch butter, which gets brushed on at the end for a perfect finish.