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Kid-Friendly Recipes and Activities

Every dinner is a chance to learn. We used some of our most popular, kid-friendly recipes to teach art, science and math to kids of all ages.

Cooking together creates meaning, ritual and laughter during hectic times. And whipping up a favorite dish as a family is a great way to teach children a variety of skills. Little kids love to count, taste ingredients and watch transformation happen in the oven. Older kids can tackle a recipe with parents and show off their reading and math skills.

We believe the kitchen is a classroom because cooking calls for a mixing of skills simultaneously. Teaching these skills gives kids independence and confidence. And maybe best of all, the end product is homemade food the whole family enjoys.

So grab the dinner bell, light the candles, turn off the screens and gather together for something fun and delicious. Dig in!

Kids' Activities

Things to Do While You Snack

Each tasty recipe has multiple activities for kids of all ages.

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