Taste Not Waste

Love Your Veggies (Even the ugly ones)

Truth is, 28% of the produce we bring home goes to waste. At Hidden Valley, we think it's more important than ever to love the world's weird, wilted and unwanted produce. Discover great ways to fight food waste in your kitchen and share your ugly but edible veggies on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram along with #TasteNotWaste.

Learn to Love Your Veggies

Twisty can be tasty


Don’t be afraid to use unconventional looking produce to create tasty meals for your dining table. See how you can give those oddly shaped veggies a second chance at deliciousness.

Turn scraps into snacks


Why save your aging veggies? Repurposing wilted produce for use as fresh herbs or dish toppings saves you a trip to the compost, and might even inspire new creations.

Don't toss out sprouts


It’s heartbreaking to witness waste of potato skins, carrot tops and the like.  Sometimes those discarded bits can be edible, great for making snacks, soup stocks and more.

Now that you have the chops to
#TasteNotWaste, watch it in real time

Carrot Pesto Presto
Broccoli's Better Half
Herb Saver
Second Skin Chips

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